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SUPPORT our teams by helping us, help you.

Check back here to see all the 'HOT' deals and fundraising items!

**If you have a fundraiser you would like to do, follow these steps.
1) Check to see if anyone else has requested the same date or a similar item.
Submission Responses
2) Submit a fundraising idea to the board.
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3) Email any relevant photos for your event/item to

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Eclipse 07 boys

Christmas wreaths 

Ordering is completed. 
We'll be back in 2022

Orders in NLT October 31st

Karen Denny 907-378-9375 

  • $35 each
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2011 Girls Fundraiser

Contact Amanda Miller @ or Allison Long @

2010 Girls Fundraiser

Support the 2010 girls team! Get some cool swag!

Order Link

2010 Girls Fundraiser

2010 Girls Fundraiser