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SUPPORT our teams by helping us, help you.

Check back here to see all the 'HOT' deals and fundraising items!

**If you have a fundraiser you would like to do, follow these steps.
1) Check to see if anyone else has requested the same date or a similar item.
Submission Responses
2) Submit a fundraising idea to the board.
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3) Email any relevant photos for your event/item to

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Eclipse 07 boys

Christmas wreaths 

Ordering is completed. 
We'll be back in 2022

Orders in NLT October 31st

Karen Denny 907-378-9375 

  • $35 each
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Stocking Stuffers?  Outdoor Warmth?  Face Mask?
Be the first to own one of these.  

Contact: Kelly Scanlon
Payment can be made via Venmo, use @kelly-scanlon-20

Eclipse 08 girls and 10 boys

Eclipse 2010 boys and Eclipse 2008 girls are selling customized water bottles!!!! 

24 oz water bottle in white or Navy
20 oz tumbler in black or purple

$35 each or 4 for $125

Please email Megan Wiegand at to place your order (please include name or other personalized details). We will place our first order on May 24th. It will take 2-3 weeks for orders to be ready for pick up.  We plan on placing another order later this summer. 

Contact: Megan Wiegand @

Contact: Kathie Stacy @

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Eclipse 05 girls

Pick up your own Eclipse Soccer Club face mask!  You can never have too many of these around...

Contact: Crystal Stordahl @

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